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Use an iMac (Lab 140)

TIP #1: Macs like to be personal - make sure you try to always use the same iMac when you visit the lab. This is especially important when your working on a multi-day project.

How to use a Mac:

More of Apple's Online Tutorials:

Here are some things to check when logging in to an iMac in Lab 140:

  1. Make sure you can right click!   In Spotlight, type  "Mouse" then select "Mouse" next to "System Preferences". Is the right hand side set to be a "secondary" button.

  2. Click on Finder in your dock. Minimize your "Shared" folders. Under "Places", make sure you have your iMac Home, your G Drive Folder, and the Shareable Folder added to this list. See More Info below. Doing this step will make saving in apps much easier!!

  3. Spotlight "Desktop" - select "Desktop & Screen Saver" next to System Preferences. Change your background. This was you know when you log in if your personal settings are applied. You can also remember your iMac number and try to use that each time you log in.

How to save on a Mac:


Your iMac "Home"

This has an icon that looks like a house next to it. Any files saved here are saved just on the iMac. This location stores your personal computer preferences, media files, etc. It can also store documents such as powerpoints, word docs, etc. The downside to this folder is that is you can only access info in this folder on that particular iMac.

G drive Folder

This will have the same name as your iMac home folder, except its icon is a folder. This is your G Drive. Save things to this folder that you want to be able to access from other computers in the building.

Shared Drive Folder

This will give you quick access to the shareable drive where your teacher can share files with you.Apple's Online Video Tutorials

Keyboard Tip:  Command + Tab lets you toggle between windows/apps!  Its very helpful!