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Create a Wikispace

As a student, you can request to join any SWSD wikispace. If approved, you will be able to edit the wikispace!

How to Get Started

If you would like to create a wikispace for a class project, here is what you (or your group) needs to do:
  1. Ask your teacher for permission to create a wikispace to demonstrate your learning.
  2. Ask your teacher to email or call Mrs. Shari Dusman at the Helpdesk to create the wiki.  All Mrs. Dusman needs to create a wiki is the one word name you want the wiki to be called, and the group members SWSD usernames.   For example:  "We want a wiki called "CivilWar" and these students will be using it:  JohnRT23, SarahYR08, and LukeER17."

  3. Once Mrs. Dusman has created the wikispace, you will be able to find it at: .  For the example above, the wiki would be

  4. When you visit the wiki, you should see a link to log in, and then you will be able to edit the wiki.

  5. Be sure you add the content to your wiki, and the great thing about a wiki is you can collaborate with others!

Tips for Using a Wiki

  • Don't worry about it looking perfect - wikis are made to be fast and easy, but they won't be super pretty.

  • Only one person at a time can edit a page.  If two people try to edit the page at the same time, you will lose your work.

  • Save often!

  • Teachers:  Once your done with a student created wiki page, you can set the page permission to HIDDEN to sort of archive the page.

Making a Wiki Look...Better

More Resources

Here is a link from our SWSD Elementary teachers:

Here is an SWSD page on wikis: