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Create a Song

On a PC or Mac:  Audacity

This software is loaded on every SWSD computer in the Tools folder, or free download and install on Mac.

Easy to use program for recording simple podcasts.  Export final product as MP3 file.

Here are some good tutorials from site that can help you learn Audacity:

Recording Setup 

The Editing Tools

Basic Editing and Trimming Your Audio 

Adjusting Levels

Importing Audio and Adding Music to Your Podcast

Saving Your Project and Exporting the MP3

On a Mac:  Use GarageBand & iTunes

This is software that is loaded on the iMacs in EHMIS Lab 140 or any Apple Computer.

Sources of Audio

Here is a site where you can find lots of copyrighted music.  However, you must follow fair use if you use any copyrighted material in your projects!!  

That means, you can only use 10% of the song (18 seconds of a 3 minute song) and you CANNOT post your project on the internet - it can be only be accessible from within school.  You can use Audacity or GarageBand to edit the song down to the 10% limit.