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Create a LiveScribe PenCast

We have a few LiveScribe Pulse pens in SWSD.  If you get a chance to use one, this page will help!

First Things First

  1. Always start by planning out your pencast!  Write a script, practice it!
  2. Here are some sample pencasts to check out.

How to Use the Pen

Note:  You must use the special paper notebook that comes with the LiveScribe pen.  
  1. To start, tap the pen to the Record button on the bottom of the page.
  2. Perform your pencast.
  3. Tap the pen to the stop button on the bottom of the page.

Creating a PenCast (Online Movie)

Note:  You will need to have LiveScribe Desktop software installed on the computer you are using to make your pencast.
  1. Launch the LiveScribe Desktop software.
  2. Drop the pen into the cradle and make sure the cradle's USB cable is plugged into the computer.  The computer should then begin to sync the information on the pen with the computer software.
  3. Once synced, you should notice you are on the PAGES tab of the program and your notebook page with your written notes and audio should be visible.  You can preview your pencast here.

  4. To export your pencast as a PDF file:  
    • RIGHT click on the note and select SEND PAGE TO COMPUTER.  Choose the "Pencast PDF" format and click continue.

  5. To share it online:
    • RIGHT click on the note and select SEND PAGE TO MY LIVESCRIBE.  It will then upload your pencast to the LiveScribe website.
    • Once uploaded, click the LIVESCRIBE ONLINE tab at the top of the Livescribe desktop software.  It will be set to private by default, but you can choose to make your pencast public, and then you can get embed code, links, etc. that can be used to share your pencast with the world.