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Create a Brochure

Few options for creating a brochure - see tip on printing brochures below!

1.  Use Microsoft Publisher.  

This software is really MADE to create borchures, and you can make some neat professional looking ones!   However, having more features does make it a little more confusing to learn.  Here are some tutorials for learning more about using Publisher.  See the attached Publisher template below.

    Pros - Made for brochures, Lots of templates, and Included fun features like "Ads" and "Logos" can be inserted, able to wrap text around pictures

    Cons - Need to learn how to use Publisher, Doesn't allow you to easily add graphs and charts <-- big CON

2.  Use Word.  

We suggest using columns to create your brochure in Word.  See Word template attached below.  
    Pros - Easy to use, Able to Add Charts and Graphs (Insert Tab), able to wrap text around pictures

    Cons - Word has trouble with lots of graphics and advanced text layout, Not a whole lot of templates available, No instant "ads" or "logos" features like in Publisher

3.  Use PowerPoint.  

PowerPoint may be a better option than Word because it can handle the graphics and more advanced textbox layout better. See PowerPoint template below.

    Pros - Much easier to work with graphics and textboxes compared to Word, Already know how to use PowerPoint, can add Charts and Graphs, Lots of themes available

    Cons - Doesn't allow you to wrap text like Word or Publisher,  No instant "ads" or "logos" features like in Publisher


When you print, at EHMIS, choose the MMC Color printer, and then in the print option, choose to print on BOTH SIDES using the SHORT EDGE.  This will save paper and save you work - you won't have to glue two pieces of paper together!

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