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Computer Lab Expectations

I. Sign Out Procedures:
1)  Each grade level runs on a slightly different time schedule - especially during the late morning and early afternoon.  Please keep this in mind when trying to get into the computer lab.
2)  If someone has the lab signed out and their time overlaps the time you need, you should give priority to the person who signed out the lab ahead of you. 
3)  You may contact the person and see if you can split the difference with them so that "everyone wins", but first person who signed it out has priority.  Please don't just show up and try to work it out on the spot.
4)  Please also try to be respectful of exploratory teachers who have shorter class periods to begin with.
II. Leave it as Nice or Better than you Found it
We no longer have staff dedicated to tidying up and maintaining the computer labs on a daily basis.  Please make sure you remind the students to straighten their computer stations up before leaving.  This may include:  pushing in chairs, hanging up headphones, making sure they plug any sound cables they unplugged back in, return any microphones or supplies they used, making sure any plugs that came loose from the floor in lab 140, 141 are plugged back in, etc.
III. Additional Supplies
Extra mice, headphones, microphones, cables, etc. are available in the closets of labs 140 and 141 as you need them.  Please have students return them when they are done using them. If you notice we are almost out of mice, headphones or microphones, shoot me an email and I will look into getting replacements.
IV.  Repairs
When you find a student computer isn't working in the lab, or a student can't log in, I suggest these procedures:
1)  Have them check for common problems:  CAPS LOCK on?, make sure they are using right username, password (google requires an "sw" on end), most passwords are CaSE SenSitIVE.  If something isn't working, I suggest they "follow the cord".  Usually, it's a cable or cord that has gotten loose or unplugged. 

Restarting is an old standby for fixing lots of computer problems also - but it is time consuming, esp. on older computers.  : (           Trying a different Web Browser is a good tip also!
2) Have the STUDENT ask a classmate next to them for help - or prompt them to re-read or re-state the direction before helping.  Encourage them to identify the problem and try to solve it
3)  Have the STUDENT call the helpdesk at 20870.  Shari is very nice, enjoys talking to students, and its important to get problems reported so they can be repaired.  This is a good experience for the student - and allows you to keep focused on instructing the other students in the class.  prompt students to have the black SW tag number of the computer they are working at before they call if the computer isn't working.  if its a password issue, they just need the account they are trying to log into and their username.
4)  Put a scrap of paper on the computer alerting others that its not working and its been reported to helpdesk.