Before You Start

Welcome to a new school year Mustangs!   This web page contains information to help you get off to a great start with technology.

Your homeroom teacher should provide you with a label containing your SW usernames and passwords.  Please stick this labels in a SAFE place, such as the front of your Agenda Book or School Handbook.  You will want to keep this information secure - don't EVER share your username/password with other students.


The AUP, or Acceptable Use Policy, is a set of rules you agree to follow when using technology here at South Western.  The general rule is technology should always be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner.  Here is a student friendly version of the AUP, or you can access the full Board Policy.  You should familiarize yourself with the AUP, and follow it!

Your Accounts

Here are the accounts that have been created for you.  We have provided the contact information for the person who can help you or your teacher with correcting any log in issue you have with that account.


This username and password enables students to initially login to a SWSD computer.  You must log in to be able to access your school files and to print to our printers.

Problems? Contact Mrs. Lisa Koons at SWHS or Mrs. Angie Leese at EHMIS.


You can access your school files at home using NetStorage?  NetStorage uses the same username/password as Novell, and the link can be found at the bottom of the EHMIS or SWHS web sites.


Moodle is an online course management system.  Some of your teachers may use moodle to share class materials with you.

The Moodle password matches the Novell password!  When you login to Moodle for the first time, they will be asked to complete a quick profile and we suggest you use your SW Google apps email address. The google apps email address follows this format:

Here is the link:

Problems? Contact Mrs. Shari Dusman at 22870 or by email at

SW Google Apps

SW Google apps is our online community in the Google Cloud.  You have access to a Google Documents, an email account, and a calendar.

Here is the link: 


Make sure you log out of your Google App account when accessing it from a school computer.  Otherwise, the next student who uses the computer may be able to access your files, email, and calendars!  If you ever realize that someone forgot to log out, do the responsible thing and immediately log them out.  You can then log in as you!

You will want to make sure you can:

  • Check their SW Google Email account?  Their email address is  Teachers have a SW Google Email address as well!
  • Access your Google Docs
  • View your Google Calendar
  • Log out

Problems? Contact Mrs. Shari Dusman at 22870 or by email at


A wiki is a web page that can be easily edited online.  Wikis are great for sharing resources and collaborating!   Here is a video that explains a wiki in plain english.

The username and password for wikispaces is the same as Novell - so its easy to remember.  You will need to be logged into SW Wikispaces in order to edit a SW Wiki or post a comment on a Wiki discussion board.  Most wikis also require you to join the wiki as well.


Make sure you log out of your Wikispaces account when accessing it from a school computer!

Problems? Contact Mrs. Shari Dusman at 22870 or by email at

K12 Sapphire Community Portal

This website allows you to check your grades, attendance, and select your high school schedule.

Your teacher will not have your log in information for the Community Portal as this is an account you have to create.  You may already have an account for the Community Portal in the past, so here are the steps you should follow:
  1. Try to log in.  If you can - great, your done!    If you can't try # 2.

  2. If you think they have an account, but can't remember the password, click the "Forgot Password" link.  You will need to enter your username and PIN and see if Sapphire can find your account.

  3. No account?  Fill out the form by clicking the "Community Portal Application and Acceptable Use Policy Form." link.  The keyword is "mustangs".  Make sure you choose STUDENT as the account type on the bottom of the Sapphire Community Web Portal User Agreement page.  We suggest using your SW Google apps email address for your email account.  You will need to print out your completed form, sign in, and turn it in to your school's Guidance Office.  

    You will then need to wait for your account to be activated by the technology department.  Once activated, you will be emailed your PIN number.
You will need you username, password, and PIN to be able to log in.  Here is the link:

Problems? Contact Mrs. Shari Dusman at 22870 or by email at

Discovery Streaming

From the Discovery Channel, this is an online collection of video and multimedia resources.  They have quite a collection of videos, images, and games to help you learn about topics your covering in school.

Your log in is the same as your Novell username and password.

Here is the link:


After you have logged in, you can find great math tutorials to help with math homework!  Just type a keyword in the search box, such as "fractions", and then when Discovery displays your results, choose the "Math Overview" or "Math Explanation" filter on the left side.

Problems? Contact Mrs. Shari Dusman at 22870 or by email at

Tech Toolbox

We have created a student friendly Tech Toolbox where we can share our favorite tech resources and tips.  This page is part of that site!  Take a minute a look around the site.  We are always looking for comments and suggestions about how to improve the site!

This site can be accessed at or from the EHMIS home page, click RESOURCES then STUDENTS.

Have a great year!!